“Go away.”

The knocking at the door came again.

“I said, go away!”

“Ashley, open this door.”

“Fuck off.”

“Open this door, right now!”

“What part of the do not disturb sign, go away and fuck off is hard to get through your thick bleached skull?”

The door splintered and bounced off the wall, and Dante stormed into the room.

Ashley grabbed the nearest item, a lamp, off the bedside table and threw it at him. Easily ducking, it smashed against the wall, and he looked over to her as she fell back onto the bed.

“You’re still in bed.”

“If you haven’t brought me an offering of breakfast or painkillers, then we’re really going to have a problem.”

“I thought…painkillers?”

She curled up around a pillow and suppressed a grimace. “If I was trying to escape I wouldn’t put a bloody sign on the door. You must really think I’m stupid.”

“Why do you need painkillers?”

“A problem of a the human female variety. Being undead and male, you really can’t hope to understand. If you don’t have any, please stop disturbing me and fuck off.” Ashley pulled the duvet up over her head and turned over, indicating that she was quite done with this now.

She heard him pick up the remnants of the door, and tell someone to get it fixed. Lovely, more disturbances. Why was it so hard to read and obey a simple sign?