Nikolas swept his hand across the front line and a jet of flame washed out. The soldiers blanched, and tripped over themselves, trying to get away.

“Magic!” King Khalon hissed, his eyes growing wide as he tightened his grip on his sword. “You break the law Maddox, this is treason!”

Standing next to his mage, Maddox’s mouth twisted into a small smile. Despite the distance between the two men, there was as much tension as if they had been sitting on opposing sides of a table. “I was already a traitor to the crown when I kidnapped your daughter, what damage does adding magic into the mis do? And it is so very useful.”

He made a subtle signal and the earth around Nikolas’ feet glowed red as the circle formed. Raising his hands to the sky, and thunder clap echoed, and the clouds turned dark. The roaring sound filled the air, and the clouds burst apart as the meteor hurled down through the sky towards King Khalon’s army.

“Retreat!” The general’s screamed. “Retreat!”

The first sign was the cold chill around the ankles, just a touch of a breeze moving it, the skin that prickled as it moved across the field. People were too focused on the burning sky falling on them to noticed the white haze along the ground.

Only when the meteor was close enough for it’s heat to be felt did it become obvious. A white-blue glow erupted from the midst of the army. The mist became deadly cold, and the meteor cracked, the tearing sound of rock ripping into the ears of everyone present. It’s surface turned black, and then blossomed into white as it froze. Another crack, and it broke into millions of tiny pieces, clattering against armour and shields as it fell.

The army parted as the two horses rode through them, reaching the front with ease. The black warcharge was snorting, it’s breath coming out as ice crystals as the women slid off it’s back, the white-blue glow of her circle fading from around her.

King Khalon was caught in a look between shock and fury. “Magic.”

Adrianna ignored him, and went to stand at the very edge of the army, Vesper just in front and to the side of her. Nikolas and Maddox were standing in the same formation across from them.



“Shall we?”


In twin moves both mages placed their hand on their champions, and the magics circles enveloped the both of them, expanding until the met in the middle, white-blue and red speaking against each other as two halves of a circle formed into a whole.

“The first magical duel in over two centuries.”

“We really don’t approve of you kidnapping our princess. And the only proper response to magical warfare is magic.”

Mage battle