The mask pressed into her face as she descended the stairs, carefully holding her skirt to allow her feet to skim over the steps. Even masked and unaccounted, she still caused a ripple of silence out as she made her entrance.

Rose picked up a glass of champagne from a passing tray and sipped it as she moved through the crowd. None of the usual small talk or chatter was going on around them, as everyone sought to hide their identity from each other. There was an almost electric thrill running through the air as people met and parted, never quite knowing who they were.

She spied a black and blue mask, elegantly crafted and fitted to the face, which she recognised even with it’s masque on. The man gave her a smile, and his companion in a green mask behind him gave Rose a cheeky wink as they walked by, hand in hand.

She was just taking another sip of champagne when she noticed him. His mask blended seamlessly into his top hat, and his eyes were fixed on her with a determination that she had rarely seen. Reaching her, he stopped in front of her and they looked at each other. Rose could feel a thrill run over her skin as his eyes look down at her own cream, brown and gold ensemble.

He reached out, not quite touching her hand as he took the glass from it and placed it on a passing tray. Then he held out the hand, offering it to her.

Rose felt another flush of sensation pass over her as she looked at this man, no spark of recognition occurring in her mind.

But she laid her hand on his, and then he swept her onto the dance floor.

Mask9155His hands were gentle, barely pressing into her back as he held her and they moved around the dance floor, automatically following the steps of the dance as they concentrated on each other, fixated on the masks they were wearing.

Never before had Rose felt like royalty as she dance with this mysterious man. She was sure that she wasn’t dreaming, but she wasn’t sure when she had fallen into a fairy tale.