To celebrate this being my 500th post on this blog, I present to you my five favourite dragons of all time. Because of course each dragon is worth 100…of whatever we are counting in.

5 – Gadzooks, Last Dragon Chronicles

Made for main character David, Gadzooks is one of the pennykettle dragons. Apart from having a little pen and paper and being a dragon that helps inspire David with the story he is writing (a writing dragon, it’s so cute!) it turns out his power is that of prophecy, and he can often see short ways into the future and predict events. But I mainly love him for the tiny pen and paper he carries around all the time.


4 – Kilgharrah, Merlin (BBC)

Also known as The Great Dragon, he is the last of the dragons in in BBC series Merlin, and often helps the young warlock in matters of magic, although he is more interested in fulfilling prophecy than making Merlin happy. They go through rough patches, but the Dragon and the Dragonlord become friends and compatriots in the end. There is also an adorable white dragon that Merlin hatches during the series as well, called Aithusa. I like Kilgharrah because he is wise, and proud of what he is, and doesn’t take any nonsense. He is also distinctly not human, and I do like to feel that about dragons.


3 – Saphira, Inheritance Cycle

The main dragon of the books, bonded to the rider Eragon, Saphira is the dazzling blue dragon that to me epitomises the dragon rider variations of dragons. Fiercely devoted to her rider, she doesn’t always agree with him, and has occasional fits of vanity, perhaps brought on by being the last female dragon in existence. She herself has magic, and can talk telepathically to people, as well as being wise and intelligent herself. I love the books, with magic and elves and having to learn and struggle against a powerful and ancient king, and there are other dragons in the books as well. Actually, I might give this series a re-read in the near future.


2 – Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal, Daenerys’ Dragons

I love these guys. I mean, I love Daenerys, but I love her for her dragons more. Three little beauties, who grow up fast, and big, and into terrifying eating machines, but Daenerys loves them anyway, because she is their mother. Cream & Gold, Black & Red and Green & Bronze, her three little vicious darlings.



1 – Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon

How could I not have Toothless as my favourite? Intelligent, fast, fierce, gorgeous, fun, adorable? What don’t I love about this dragon.