Efreet_Warlord_by_JasonEngleThe being looked down at her. “Once you have made the deal, there is no going back.”

Meg rolled her eyes. “I’m aware of that. It’s not like I grew up in a coven or anything.”

“If you give up your power, you will never again be able to use-”

“I know what I’m doing, okay?” She interrupted the Djinn. “Look, I don’t want this power. I reject this power. If I had ever had a choice I would have rejected it straight off. I reject my mother, my coven, and everything else that goes hand in hand with this damn power. You want it? Have it. Stop talking already and take it, because I really, really don’t want it. I came to a Djinn because you guys love deals, not because I wanted a freaking sermon. And you’re a fire Djinn. Don’t tell me you don’t want more power, because rejection is not in a Djinn’s nature. Fact.”

The Djinn looked down at her, and then held out it’s hand.

“Finally.” Meg reached out her own hand and took the Djinn’s.

At first, she felt nothing, but then her hand grew hot, hotter than she had felt before, and it started to burn. For the first time in her life, she felt fire as other people did. It swept round her whole body, and her knees gave way as every nerve ending in her body screamed at her that she was on fire.

There was blood in her mouth, she had bitten her tongue, and she was on the floor. The burning had stopped, and the Djinn was standing there with what looked like a smile.

“Did I forget to tell you that it was going to hurt?”

“Yeah, okay. I probably deserve that.”