So I have been doing some reading lately. It’s not reading I like to admit to, but since I have been bad mouthing it so much I figured I should at least read it, and the film just came out so it is literally everywhere I go in town, on buses, in shop fronts. Yeah. Everywhere. And I did. I read the whole trilogy. It reads exactly like the fanfiction that it is, and that is all I have to say.

The Library BookI also read The Library Book, and I would really encourage anyone who likes libraries and books and reading in general find a copy and read it. I got mine from the local library and was so impressed that I ordered my own copy. I’ve only been that impressed by a book a handful of times, so it really is a good read. And when you buy it from the Reading Agency, all the royalties go towards their work getting more and more into reading and using libraries. So it’s win-win.

It’s been half term this week, but I haven’t done as much as I wanted to. Mainly because I keep over sleeping, which is delightful, but not very productive. I have a lot of books, divided into three sections: fiction, books about information and libraries, and writing.

I’m trying to edit my novel, and then I also have a short story I’m trying to get written for another competition. I don’t know whether I finish off my next dragon short story, or write a new one. Probably going for the dragon one.

In the meantime, I have also found this lovely list of reading challenges:

Reading List

This seems like a lovely set of books, and I probably already have read a couple of them on the list, but I would have to print off the list and tick them off. Feel free to steal this list, I stole it from another blog, it’s making the rounds!