Sage raised an eyebrow at him. “Dump it.”

Keaton frowned at her. “What?”

“The armour. Get rid of it.”

“What? We’re going into a labyrinth.”

“It’s a Maze. And yes, you are going to take your armour off.”

“And what about the traps? The things that are going to kill us?”

“Armour will not stop them well enough to make it worth it, and wearing the armour will slow you down. To navigate the maze you need to pay attention, and then, if you screw up, be very, very quick on your feet. Drop the armour.”

Keaton frowned, and then started to unbuckle his armous, shaking off the chainmail. “You know, I think that’s the most you’ve ever said to me.”

Sage waited until he had divested himself of all his armour, and then set off into the Maze. “Keep close, step where I step.”

The first part of the maze was memorised, and she had no trouble at all setting the pace, stepping through familiar paces.

Keaton was keeping up behind her, she heard him try to start several half sentences, but it was the click and the intake of breath that alerted her.

Her memory clicked into place and she spun, catching his arm and dragging him down as a spear shot out from the side of the wall, clipping the hairs off the back of Keaton’s neck.

Keaton himself was shocked. And looked back as the spear slid back into the wall.

“And this is why you dumped the armour. Eyes sharp, ears sharp, feet even sharper. There’s danger ahead.”