Rachel tapped her fingers on the desk, eyes staring at the clock, willing it to go faster.

Every seconds that ticked by seemed to take five. And she only had ten minutes left on her shift. Surely leaving ten minutes early wasn’t going to get her fired.

She slid her gaze over to the ajar door, where she could just see her boss, sitting at her own desk, talking on the phone.

No, it wasn’t worth it. Her boss had it out for her at the moment, what with missing a few days of work here and there. Not like she’d believe the explanation even if Rachel did tell her.

Thirty seconds had passed. Nine minutes thirty to go.

There was a portal nearby, she could almost feel it on her skin. That electric, hair raising sensation that she got whenever she passed through one. If it was a substance, she would say that she was addicted. But when you knew what lay behind the portal, a world filled with wonder and excitement, was it any surprise that she wanted to keep going back again and again.

Nine minutes.

There wasn’t even anyone in the store. People were just walking by outside, the grey sky threatening rain which hadn’t decided whether it was going to fall or not.

Eight minuets forty five.

“Hey Rach.” A co-worker called out as he came in from out back.

“Hey Mike. How’s the bike?” She said, her voice completely unenthusiastic.

“Oh still trashed. You got plans for tonight?”

She made a non-committed sound, still staring at the clock. Eight minutes thirty.

Mike chuckled. “Go on, get out of here. I’ll take over.”


“I’ve not seen someone staring at a clock that intently since secondary school. Go on, get. Those plans must be important.”

Rachel beamed, and kissed him on his cheek before flying into the back room. Whipping her staff shirt off and a new one on, she slung her satchel over her shoulder and raced out of the store. She had no problem telling where the portal was, as the hair on her arms stood upright. Pausing to look left and right, making sure no one was looking directly at her, she ducked between the two concrete pillars where the portal had opened up and stepped through.

Magic PortalIt was electric, disorientating, and breathtaking as she fell through from her world to the other. Landing with a skidding bump she rolled a few times before coming to a stop. Getting onto her knees, she spotted the familiar sight of a lake a few feet away.

A trilling sound from the other side of the lake told her that she had been spotted as well, and from the way the small dragonling raced towards her, it too had been waiting until they were reunited.