How many times had she walked past this door? And all this time, inside, was the final piece of the puzzle that she needed.

Engraved onto the wall, perhaps placed there after a raid on a labyrinth, or maybe it was an original part of the castle, was the royal family’s motto. In the old language.

Of course most people wouldn’t recognise it for what it was, the ancient language drew very little comparison to the modern alphabet that they currently used, but it was all there, in amongst the crest and birds and stags.

Her thoughts were like lightning, jumping from connection to connection as she worked out meanings and inflection, tenses and grammar. She brought forth from her memory picture of the engravings from various artefacts, the words slotting into place and forming complete translations.

She was unaware of her lips curling up into a smile for the first time in years.

The wall twisted in front of her, and she reluctantly snapped out of her thought process to find her arm being pulled and twisted, clasped in the meaty hand of her guard.

Mind Thoughts“Excuse me, that is highly unnecessary.”

The guard looked back at her, and blinked. “You back on earth now then?”


“Unresponsive you were. Lost in thought”

Sage pulled her arm back from the man, and straightened her skirt down. “I was hardly lost. Deep in thought is the correct term.”

The guard sniffed, and then pushed her in front of him, back towards her tower.