“Hand it over.” The man extended a hand towards the shivering figure. Their eyes darted from side to side, clutching at the item that they had stolen, before bolting down the alley, away from her guild-mate.

He sighed, and said to no one in particular, “And I was being nice as well.”

Kali grinned from the top of the roof, her eyes adjusted to the dark so she could easily spot the running fugitive. She didn’t even have to run as she stepped from roof to roof, easily following the man, other guild-mates on other nearby rooftops.

Aayden stepped onto her roof, as they watched the man go down more than one dead end, before hurrying back out. The lack of chase that he perceived making him even more jittery.

“Why aren’t we just going down there and beating the crap out of him?”

“Hunting is a sport. And you have to give the other team a sporting chance. Although, he’s not making good use of it.”

“Exactly. He’s more likely to break that thing the way he’s shaking.”

Kali studied him for a few more moments.

“The next dead end he goes into. Give him the shock of his life when he tries to leave.”

Aayden gave her a wicked grin, and then leapt over a couple of rooftops to spread the whispered word.

Kali kept on their mark, following him until he inevitably wandered into yet another dead end. She jumped down, timing it so that she landed just before he turned around.

Slowly standing up from the shadowed floor, she let her eyes glint at him as other shapes fell from the rooftops.

“Going somewhere?”