Despite having a wealth of fur about her, Lydia still felt cold as she nosed the door to the common room open. No wonder poor Nike was shivering, wrapped around her leg.

She sat in front of the fire, and nosed at him.

We’re inside, shift back now. She sent.

Nike wrapped his long scaly body from her leg, and then shifted to human, still shivering, his lips almost blue.

“I know we have to patrol, but really? Do I have to come out with you in this weather?”

Lydia pushed her nose against his skin. Ice cold. She pondered for a moment, and then shifted herself. He fur turned white as snow, black jagged stripes running across it. Her large, tiger paws were twice the size of the wolf’s as she stretched out and then lay in front of the fire.

He eyes looked at Nike, and then at the space between her and the fire that was carved out.

“Lifesaver.” He mumbled, drawing his coat around him, and then snuggled down into her fur. “Don’t tell my mum about this, okay?”

Your mother does not feel the cold as you do. Get some sleep.

Lydia could feel his breath slow down, and slowly his temperature rose from freezing. It was only when she was satisfied that there was colour back in his face that she put her face down on her paws and shut her own eyes.