Another fireball arched over the city and slammed into the side of one of the towers, shearing through some of the pipes, spraying steam across the air above them.

“Stop destroying my city!” Danna screamed in the direction of the projectile.

“Calm Danna.” Esme said.

“The point of a coup is to have something left to rule at the end of it all! I couldn’t understand destroying the gates, but the city? Leave off! I’ve worked too hard on this place for you to come in and destroy it!” She screamed as another fireball flew over the edge of the city.

Rose ignored the banter between her sisters, focusing on the square building in coming into view around the curve of the street.

People weren’t flocking outside of it, running instead for cover, flitting between building, looking nervously out to the sky, as Rose ran past them all, up the front steps into the low building.

There were some small groups of people huddling together. rose looked round and found someone wearing a uniform with the colour of the city across the blazer.

“Have you seen a women, Daphne, pass through here?”

The man’s eyes were wide, and looked up at her as if she was speaking a different language.

“The Paragon of Light? Is she in the building?”

He gave a shaky nod.

“Which way?”

He raised a trembling hand and pointed down one of the corridors. Rose clipped down the corridor, peering into every room, until she heard noises coming down from one end, a babble almost.

Running up to the door, she opened it, scanning the room. Not noticing the many people all gathered round a scale model of the city, she only had eyes for the tall blonde women standing with one hand on hip, frowning at the map, her one gauntleted hand tapping out a staccato rhythm on the table.


Rose flew forward, wrapping her arms around her mother, and burying her face in her shoulder.

“Rose, I’m glad to see you safe. Are your sisters with you? Ah, there you are girls. Danna.”


“Excellent. I will need your help. Rose, dear, could you let go of me please?”

Rose stepped back, letting her arms drop from around her mother’s figure.

Daphne looked over at her daughter, then touched her face. “I am happy to see you cherie. Truly I am, but we have a situation at the moment. I need to protect the city before we can have a proper family reunion.”