Kali leaned against the window sill, looking back into the room. The moonlight highlighted the faces of objects, the chair, the desk, the bed, even the piano. the music book that was open on the stand was clearly visible, shining out against the dark wood.

Glancing down, she could see the world outside her window, as still and silent as it was in here, but the path cast in shadow from the buildings all around.

Pulling out a crumpled pack of cigarettes from her jacket pocket she slipped one into her mouth. Her other hand emerged with a lighter, but she paused, flicking the cap open and shut as she mulled over her choices.

Here was security, and plenty. She never went without, every need provided for, training and entertainment included. But there was little choice. In here the security was just as much to keep her in, as it was to protect her.

Out there, well. Out there it was new. It was freedom. It was a lack of rules and security, no idea where you would sleep and where the next meal would come from.

Kali flicked the lighter open, and lit the end of the cigarette. Then she turned around and opened up the window, jumping through to the other side before closing it and dropping down to the ground.

She breath in the scent on the night air, and let out one long smoky breath. It really was a no-brainer choice between the two lives.