Toki trembled, her left eye zooming out of the present, a number of swirling images passing over her in a flash, as she saw possibilities streaming before her, then a steady flashing, imagine repeated as time drew on, and events solidified.

“Toki?” Mizu’s hand was on her shoulder. “Is something wrong?”

Her hands pressed against her head, trying to squeeze out the massive headache that was bursting out from her. When she got a lull, she looked up and around, to see Mizu stuck in the same position she had been leaning over her.

“Fuck.” Toki swore, as she looked around the city, frozen in a moment of time.

She looked down at her hand, blue streaks running under the ring she wore. It wasn’t too bad, it could pass for blood veins. At the moment.

Another flash of images passed across her left eye, along with another pressing headache. The images were more urgent this time, passing across her screwed up eyes and she doubled over, holding her head again.

The sounds of the world rushed back in, a wave crashing over her.

“Toki?” Mizu’s voice was urgent now. “We should get you home.”

“No. It’ll pass. I promise. It’ll pass.” She was still doubled over, concentrating on letting the images wash over her, paying no attention to them, just letting them pass on by.

The headache went away, and Toki breathed normally again, and got back up off her knees, to see everyone standing still again. She sighed, wearily closing her eyes. Even when she tried, her power could not stop manifesting itself.

“Fine, just this one time. One time, I give into you.” She turned back to the motionless Mizu. “Just, stand there.” She gestured with her hands, and then felt a bit foolish. Of course no one was going anywhere, no one else had the power to stop time.