Dane ducked under the first two guards, and then tossed the parcel to Roger, who darted around another two, passing it to Leo, ho bull rushed to the gate, but stopped and threw it long hand to Edmund.

The way they worked together, as a team, was beautiful to watch. They dodged and weaved and evaded the guards, all the time keeping the parcel out of their hands, trying to get it to one of the gates so that they could make off with it.

How fruitless their endeavour was to be.

From her vantage point on the wall, she could see re-enforcements coming down from the palace. They really should get a move on.

But no, their pointless game was coming to an end. No matter how good they were, number won the day, every time.

Theo was there, at the front, commanding the palace troops. It was longer lived than she thought they would have done. They were quick and clever, those brothers of hers. Too bad their teamwork only extended to males members of the family.

The parcel was placed in Theo’s hand, delivered by a guard, and three of the boys were on their knees. Tybalt, Leo and Simon has never been as fast.

Sage stood up on the wall, and then jumped down. The tiny cloud of dust was noticed, but then guard slid his gaze over her. Sage walked in between the guards, careful to not touch anyone as she grew closer to Theo.

“For the crime of theft from the King, you are arrested and-”

Theo never got to finish his sentence as Sage pushed her hood back and appeared two steps from him.

“I’ll take that.” She lifted the present from his stunned hands. “None of you are capable of wielding it’s gifts. And frankly, you are far more likely to blow something up that be successful.”

Before the shock of her sudden appearance had sunk in, she lifted her hood again, disappearing from all their view. She was ten paces away, moving swiftly on light feet before the first person shouted, and movement rippled outward.

Accusations flew thick and fast between everyone. She stifled a laugh as someone accused her brothers of organising her to steal it for them.

Oh, if only they knew how she hated being on anyone’s team but her own.