Space-DustThe familiar sidestepping motion washed over Danielle, as she reached out and grabbed them all in her influence as she made the jump between the worlds.

Something lurched, and Danielle felt sick, insides roiling as they crashed out of the shift. She hit the ground hard, and rolled a fair distance away, gasping for air as the knocks came.

She slowed, and then stopped. Opening her eyes the first thing she saw were stars. As far as she could see, just an black canvas filled with stars. There, a smudge, a streak of light colour. And there, a multicoloured riot of dust. Space filled all that she could see, from horizon to horizon.

Gradually, her air came back to her, and beneath her fingers she felt something solid. Wrenching her head down from the stunning display above her, she saw that they had landed on earth, dusty and hard, somewhere between brown and grey in colour.

She struggled to sit up, and then looked around. To her left the earth stretched on, for miles and miles, eventually curving away from them. to her right were her companions, mostly on their feet. Torsten was looking around, and spotted her, raising a giant hand. Danielle raised her hand as well, and was surprised to see it shaking.

Pushing herself up, she slowly walked back over to them, unsteady on her feet. Torsten met her halfway and offered her his hand to lean on.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I…don’t know. Mid shift it felt like I, I don’t know, been punched? Pulled? Something didn’t go right.”

“Are you sick?”

“No, this felt…outside. Not from me, but from something else.”


She shook her head, and looked around the others. “Are you alright?”

Vixxana flicked her tail, a petulant look on her face, and Talh was staring up at the sky. Eleutherius had his brow furrowed.

“Alright enough to provide air for us, there isn’t any here naturally. I trust everyone can breath since no one has suffocated thus far?”

“Thanks Eleu.”

“Thank me by getting us off here.”

Danielle nodded, and gestured for them all to come in closer. She closed her eyes and felt for the space between, and then doubled over as something struck her in the stomach. Torsten roared and his shield slammed down in front of her, Danielle between that and him, a protective bubble.

Shaking again, she stood up, grabbing onto Torsten’s front as Talh came around and stood next to her. She closed her eyes again, feeling for the edge. This time the force struck all over, and her knees buckled, Talh catching her before she could hit the dusty ground, gasping for air again as she felt a trickle of blood slip out of her nose.

Talh’s long arms wrapped her close, his cloak flapping around her edges as her eyes focused again. “I think we might be stuck here.”

Vixxana’s horns quivered. “But where is here?”

Danielle turned her head from the barren wasteland of the earth to look up at the stars again. “Good question.”