Okay, so real life got in the way and I have let my writing habits slip. Turns out I’m not much of a habit former, but I kind of knew that already. Had a job for over a year now and I am STILL not used to getting up in the mornings. I hate mornings.

First things first, a small apology. I have not been keeping up with the schedule that I set for the 100 Theme Challenge. I promised to do two a week, which means that I should be on 37/38 this week, but I have only just published 31. So, expect quite a few more themes to be published in the coming week or two so that I can catch up with myself and get back on track with that. I also hope that you have been enjoying the themes so far.

Novels. I have stalled with my Novel. After the Garth Nix author event I was rather fired up, but I haven’t done anything with it yet, and this morning was the first time I’ve looked at that novel in a few weeks, I’ll admit. I did however start editing again, so hopefully I can pick it back up and start getting through it. I still have the hope that I’ll be showing it to a select number of people by the end of the year, which I can do if I put some hard work into it!

Talking about Novels, I’ve been using this great software called Novlr. I think I talked about it before. It went to kickstarter to get some funding, but it’s not doing so well and there are only a few hours left! If you like simple design and a focus on writing then it’s really great. If you think you might fancy it, have a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/novlr/novlr-novel-writing-simply?ref=nav_search And yes, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I really do want this to fund, so I’m just leaving the link here, and if you want to follow it, please do.

I have some novels on the backburner, but I’m not really thinking about them yet. Focusing on the current WIP.

However, with NaNoWriMo on the horizen, one of them might come out an get some time to shine! I think I know which one I might pick for this year, but I have a history of changing my mind. I do like NaNo, with all the people and the competitiveness and the charts and the numbers and the writing. I might even try and make it to some physical write in’s this year. And then I remember I don’t have a laptop and that makes it much much harder. Maybe soon I can get one. Maybe soon.

I also have another writing project which I have just started. Considering that’s all I’m going to say about it, I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, except that it is something that I’m doing with the readers of this blog in mind, so wait awhile and you should see what comes of that! (Warning, a while is probably likely to be in the months sort of time frame. I have a lot of projects on the go right now!)