Ashley was idly flicking through all of the books, and posters, and other sheets of so called inspiration as she looked around the tattoo parlour.


“Nothing.” She huffed, flicking a tendril of black hair out of her face as she did so.

The women behind the counter, a many coloured work of art displaying on her skin shrugged. “Don’t rush into it hun. Find the right design, then we can talk.”

Chloe has picked up a new selection of books and was looking through them as well. “How about a skull?” She held the book open at one particular page for Ashley to look at.

Ashley snorted. “Skull are overdone, and I am not a goth, no matter what people say.”

Chloe smiled, an impish sort of grin and shut the book on the table. “Okay then, how about a nice flower? That’s about as un-goth as you can get.” She held up a book, letting it fall open on a random page.

“Hang on, go back.”


Ashley came over and grabbed the book off Chloe, flicking back through the pages that she had caught a glimpse at as the pages had fallen open.

“There, that one.” She stopped at a page which contained a selection of varicoloured roses, a rainbow of colours on the page.

“A rainbow, really?”

blue-roses-tattoo“No. That shape. I like that shape, but…” She flicked back a few pages to another flower, “this colour. This blue right here.”

Chloe looked over, and flicked between the two pages, and frown hovering over her face. “Just the one? I thought you were going to go big?”

Ashley picked up another book, one of more full body art, and found the page she half rememebred from earlier, and pointed to a picture of someone’s chest which was covered in a bush. “That flower, with the blue colour, working up one side of the torso. What do you think?”

Chloe hummed, looking through all the pictures and building the design in her mind. Ashley bit her lip as her best friend continued to hum.

“I think it’ll work, but you might want to draw it up first.”

Ashley grinned, and then took the three books up to the tattoo artist, so that they could really get working on her design.