10405383_10152378932005794_2627319440797370592_nThis evening I went to my first ever author event. Garth Nix read an extract from his new book, Clariel, and then did Q&A then signings. It was everything I expected, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t totally amazing!

We started off with a bell team playing as we came in the door, which was amazing and thematic. And around the place were tones of his books, mainly the old kingdom series, and there was Sabriel’s outfit which had been put together by one of the staff members. Hand sewn and everything!

Then he did a little talk, and read an extract from the book. Masterfully chosen so that it ended on a cliffhanger. Can’t wait to read the book now. And then he said “rather than talking more, let just have questions, then you can listen to me ramble about things you want to hear”.

And I got to ask my question, which was: when you write a novel, do you plan it or make it up as you go along. And then he used the term planner and panster and said that what he liked to do was make an outline, and then write. Usually not sticking to the outline at 10635865_10152378932085794_8708450674966871545_nall, but he always had to have the outline to deviate from. And he used to write long hand as well, and he had one of the notebooks there with him. But all authors were different, and if you were trying to be a novelist then you should experiment as see what works for you.

And then after all the questions I got to go and have my books signed. I had my old version of Sabriel and the new book Clariel, and he signed both of them, and then we talked about writing a bit. I told him I was a panster, and he asked if I had a current project, and then we talked about words counts and novel length. I also asked him at what age he first got published, and he told me he published Ragwitch age 26 and Sabriel aged 32. So I can still be published by his age! Which makes me excited and I know I sound like a little kid but his books are amazing and this was my first author event and these are my first signed books ever!