At the moment, what I am currently excited about (excited about dragon wise at least) is the Go Go Dragon project which will be coming to my home town of Norwich next year.

_74043013_958a6d4e-2406-412e-8d69-31f1b7159c23The Go Go trails are trails run by charities where large animals (last time it was gorillas) are painted up by professional artists and then you follow the trail around the city.

In previous posts I have said how much dragons are linked into the city of Norwich: Check out F – Festival. So the next trail that they are doing is dragons! And I think it goes without saying that I cannot wait!

There is also a competition being run by the local newspaper to design the dragon that is going to sit outside of their office. Needless to say, I have printed off several blank dragons, and am thinking up designs to put on them. My first one has a bunch of writing paraphernalia all over it, and my second one is going to be the four seasons is changing order.

Thankfully I don’t think I have to be that great an artist (I wish I was better) because a professional is going to be the one painting it, we just have to submit a design. So, if you were going to design a dragon, what would you put on it?