The sun was beating out a relentless tune on the dusty streets. Kelly adjusted her hat, sweaty fingers finding it hard to grasp onto brim as she tired to bring it even lower.

Her pale skin was screaming at her as her sleeve fell away. When her family had chosen to come to this god-forsaken country she had no idea. They knew how she felt about hot weather.

She pulled her sticky sleeve back down to cover her skin, and was pleased by a small breeze that sprung up from nowhere. The dust that came with it however, was less pleasant, and sent her coughing as she made her way down the busy street, trying to find somewhere to get a drink.

The vendors called at her from all directions, a few of the bolder ones even coming out of their stalls, trying to grab her arm. She viciously jerked away from them when they did that. All she wanted was a drink, why did they have to be so pushy for the stupid tourist tat. She hated this damn foreign country. She wanted to be at home.

There was a square of shade ahead, and Kelly made a dash for it. Sighing with relief as the darkness washed over her skin. She took her hat off and tucked her hair back into it’s bun. One moment of relief.

A gentle poke on her back caused her to jump a mile, and she whirled around, but was then blinded as the sun flared out from behind the awning.

There was a small chuckle, and then a voice, thick with accent said. “You no like sun? Come. Shop cold. You like.”

Kelly screwed up her eyes and looked at the tiny person who was standing there. She wasn’t even sure whether it was a man or women, there were so many wrinkles on that face. But the offer was tempting, even if he would try to sell her something.

The old person hobbled back inside, and with a moment’s hesitation, Kelly followed. Out of being sold something by a foreigner and the sun, she’d take the cold inside of a shop any day.