So, for the first time in a while, I played Dungeons and Dragons last night. I word my dragon earrings and everything. It was the first game of what is hopefully going to be a long campaign, starting right from level 2 (level 1 was deemed too boring to start at) and going all the way up to 30.

It was good, although my roleplaying is going to take a little while to get right. I’m playing her too high class at the moment. I need her to be snarky, vivacious, not suited at all for the military, but basically a good person who does like helping people beneath it all. I never play the easy characters.

She’s an ardent though, so I’m having real fun with the whole stick my spear in this guy, then shield/heal/protect my allies. It’s really fun. Although I have forgotten some rules, and having the sheet in black and white meant that I was using an encounter power as an at-will for most of the fight – whoops!

But the main part was once again, my dice kept rolling really low for me. I know that there has been a  trend of dice shaming, where people post pictures of their dice with notes about what they have done to them. I prefer a more direct route with my dice. If they failed me, they are banished to the bottomless pool of aqua.


*Note: Bottomless pool of aqua may or may not actually be bottomless.