The castle was empty, decayed, after the war had taken it’s toll. The walls were ruined and keep barely habitable any more. It was deserted, apart from one.

The ground was hard and dusty, but she didn’t care. She only had eyes for the piles of stones that were in front of her. A pile of stones and a crude headstone were all that were left to mark the place where he had stood, so proud, and so strong, guarding the Freehold that had meant so much to him.

‘It was the death he would have wanted.’

‘He died defending what he loved.’

‘He loved you too much to take you into that danger.’

What were words to her? Words didn’t change anything. Words couldn’t bring her husband back.

She reached out, with one shaking hand, and placed in on a stone.

One tear leaked from her eye, and dropped onto the dusty floor. Then there was another, a matching pair of dark dots on the floor. Slowly at first, and then in rivers, the tears leaked from her eyes, and sobs erupted from her chest. She doubled over, her hands over her face, sobbing and crying as the grief overwhelmed her.

He was gone, and now the world was wrong.


– For Zephyr & James