Rana held a hand over her mouth as she tried to stifle a giggle. She could hear the cooks talking, chatting away as they prepared the food that was going to be for dinner that night.

Of course that was why she was here, sitting on this shelf in the darkest corner, tucking her legs in and making sure that not one single piece of her could be seen. Caleb had found out that there were making berry pies for desert this evening. And evening was far too far away to wait for them. So she was on the shelf, and Caleb was in the cupboard.

Rana peeked down the side of the shelf, just to look at where the cooks were. They were right in front of the cupboard the Caleb had hidden himself in, and on the counter top, the cook put down the tray of pies, freshly cooked so that they could cool before dinner.

Twisting her wrist, Rana looked over to the hooks where all the pots and pans hung, and the air around them swirled, more than enough to move them into one another, creating a huge clanging and clattering noise.

The cooks clamped their hands over their and yelled at each other over the noise. “Shut the window!” One of them cried out as she went over to the pans, leaving the counter top completely unguarded.

‘Now Caleb!’ She sent to him.

Caleb popped open the cupboard door, grabbed the tray, pushed the door shut and started to scurry out of the kitchen with the tray hopping from one hand to the other. Just as the cooks shut the window with a bang.

The air flow stopped, and the pans settled. The cooks were about to turn back, and Caleb was right in the open. Rana looked at the fire and narrowed her eyes. It responded, whooshing up to the top of the chimney, throwing out an impressive blast of heat.

The cooks all turned to that, as Caleb made it to the entranceway, and Rana jumped down from her hiding place and speeded past the tables and cupboards to follow him.

At the top of the stairs they heard a cry. “Troublemakers! Just wait until I get my hands on your thieving little scoundrels!”

She turned and grinned at Caleb, then took a pie from the tray.