Ashley’s feet dangled above the floor, brushing against carpet of the floor. The counter top was obscured, colourful pictures, smiling people, gorgeous beaches, all looking up at her.

Idly she leafed through glossy pages, screaming at her that this was the place that she should go, spending her cash and having the time of her life.

She sighed, and tossed it to one side.

She didn’t need a vacation, she needed an escape.

She slumped in her chair, blowing a strand of black hair out of her face, and thought about the recent development.

Vampires existed. Her parents were insane. She had to get out of here.

Maybe her parents would regain their composure if she ran away from home for a bit. But then again, sanity had never been her parents strong point. Or rationality. Maybe they wouldn’t change their minds.

Her head met her desk with a resounding thud, as she tried to think of a way out of the situation.

There was something pointed under her eye. Drawing her head up, she looked at it more closely, and drew the magazine out of the pile. The Empire state building at night sparkled at her, and triggered a flash thought.

Chloe, the reason that she had been down in the first place, was moving. To America. That was far away. Maybe far enough away from her parents that she could be comfortable.

It might be complicated, but there was a chance, just a chance that it would work.

And if not, at least it would be nice to have a vacation.