So, whilst I was away on holiday, one of the lovely blogs that I read, and one who reads me as well, nominated me for an award! My second one! Happy times 😀

The award is the One Lovely Blog Award, and I was nominated by the fantastic Somber Scribbler, and I am thirlled to get this nomination.


The Rules

1. Thank your nominator. Massive thanks to Somber Scribbler again! I love her blog so you should check it out as well.

2. Share seven thing about yourself. Seven things that I haven’t shared already. This might be tough.

  1. Looking around me I can see … 51 dragons. This does not include any dragons on book covers, since those are on the front 😛 I like dragons.
  2. One of the biggest reasons that I bake is so I can lick out the bowl. Often I will make a little extra just to eat as a treat to myself. My current favourite is a new chocolate chip cookie recipe which is delicious both raw and cooked.
  3. My favourite poster isn’t actually one about dragons (I know, shock horror!) It’s a picture of a nebula with the quote from Albert Einstein ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’
  4. I watch my way through TV in series, going from episode 1 to the last released or end of show. Currently I’m watching bones, and am on Season 2, Episode 13: The Girl in the Gator. Stephen Fry is in it ❤
  5. I have seen the new How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie twice so far and fully intend to see it again in the coming week. I really love it.
  6. I buy books when I still have unread books on my shelf. I just like buying books. Any reading them, of course. In due time.
  7. I pair up songs to the stories I think of. Currently I’m listening to Ghost by Ella Henderson and it’s paired with a gaslamp/victorian era fantasy romp where the main character is controlling the underworld trade in supernatural goods. I think out scenes from my novels to loud music, since the loud music creates an exclusionary effect that helps me think.

3. Nominate a number of bloggers you think should next receive this award. Oooh, the hard part.

  • Wyrmflight – A fellow dragon lover. She has some great tales and facts to share about the marvellous beasts, I love going and reading her stuff.
  • Tiana Lopez – Does so much for other writers. She has a feature spot on Sunday’s for writers, does writing prompts and other opportunities.
  • Maugryph – A fantastic artist, and she draws my favourite subject, dragons!
  • Wordsmith at Work – Another writer who blogs, I love her posts, and she always has some good tips I really get along with.
  • Inkspelled Faery – Lover of fantasy who has directed to to some fantastic books since I’ve been following her.
  • Jodie Llewllyn – I feel I have a lot in common with this blogger, who is also an aspiring YA fantasy writer, and she blogs about things that are of great interest to me, so I love catching up with her blog posts.
  • Tom Benson – I of course have to mention Tom, who is a very supportive person and published writer. He does some great things over on his blog and is one of my greatest followers 🙂

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know. Which I will do as soon as I have published this 🙂