The wind was chill as it ran over the horses and their riders, who once again had to pull up for Korvo to slide of his horse and examine the ground.

He peered at a patch, almost nose to nose with it as he ran the fine dust through his fingers.

“Well?” Theo asked him. “We need to get moving or we’ll lose the light.”

“This way.” He pointed a long finger at a slight tangent to the way they had already been going, and then traced an outline in the dirt.

“What is it?”

Korvo rubbed his fingers together as he got back up on his horse. “Something seems…off.”

“Stop being mysterious and just tell me.”

“The target is walking. Someone who is being chased does not walk.”

Theo frowned, but didn’t comment on it as he kicked his horse into a canter, the rest of his small band of men following him. Five minutes later Korvo pointed an arm. “There.”

Just reaching the crest of the hill was a figure, in a long cloak and hood, a tall walking stick held in one hand, but in the other was the reason they were chasing them, the silvery coat of the pegasus calf shone even in this dwindling light as it was cradled in the figures arm.

Theo motioned to his men to be silent, and they slowed to a trot as they tried to keep the hill between them and the target. Surprise would be their ally this dusk.

They were careful. Very careful. Theo could barely hear his own footsteps, nor those of his men, as they dismounted and crept up the grassy hill. But something, he didn’t know what, alerted the figure to them, and they turned their head to look down at the group.

Theo opened his mouth to yell for a charge when his voice was stolen. Ghosting down from the moon was a pale shaft of light, and it delicately stepped out, a silvery hoof shining as Theo’s gaze looked up at the adult pegasus.

The mare looked down at the scene as it’s wings folded in, and the figure dropped to one knee, letting the little pegasus out from their arms, and it prances towards it’s mother, nuzzling at the legs as it frolicked, much more alive than it had been in weeks. The mare nuzzled it’s babe, before looking down at the humans with half drawn weapons, and then it nodded to the robed figure.

It swept its wings out, a breathtaking wing span that seemed to emanate moonlight on them all at the calf imitated, and the two of them took off into the sky.

The breeze lifted the hood off of the figure standing at the top of the hill. She looked at the flying pegasus for a moment longer, and then turned her head towards the people that had come to recapture the calf.

Those stone grey eyes, they were so familiar as they looked down on him. No emotion on her face as her pale blonde hair gently wafted in the night breeze. There was nothing there, no hint of recognition, no anger, no joy, just a stone grey wall.

Sage turned away, hand taking a firm grip on her walking staff as she crested the hill and fell out of sight, lifting up her hood as she did so.

Theo finally found his voice. “Men, take her into custordy.” He signalled for them to split up, two teams to go round, one to go over. He led them over the hill, but by the time he had taken the twenty or so steps it was to the top, there was nothing to see there.

Sage, and her dispassionate grey eyes, had disappeared.