Rachel squeezed Ryuu’s sides as they broke the top layer of clouds, the wisps trailing away after them. He rumbled, his body vibrating as he hummed, passing the sensation up Rachel’s body, tingling her sense until she burst out laughing with joy.

She could see one of his faceted eye roll up and look at her, and she could feel his questioning amusement at her actions.

“I know, I know.” She patted his flank. “I’m just too happy to keep it inside.”

The clouds exploded into tiny puffs as another dragon surfaced beside them. Rachel reached out, and gently brushed her fingers along the scales, Corinth’s wings overlapping with Ryuu’s as the three glided along, before she banked, scooping up more cloud as she soared.

large_ciruelo492flockDragonsMore and more, the clouds were broken as the other dragons joined them, from the dragonlings that were just growing to the size where they could take to the high size, to dragons that could have easily crushed buildings by landing on top of them. The rainbow of scales overwrought the white clouds and pale blue sky, the riot of colour glittering in the noon sun as the clouds suddenly broke, and they could see the land below them suddenly drop away into the dark ocean.

“Okay you lot, dinner time!” Rachel called out to the dragons.

Like a wave crashing, the dragons tucked in their wings, and row by row they dove down, the wind snapping past Rachel’s ears as she leaned down into Ryuu’s body, the land rushing by them, everything blurring into streaks. At the very last second Ryuu’s spread his wings, and they rolled, his tail slapping the water, causing fish to jump, and he snapped them up in his jaws as they righted themselves, the spray of the water covering the pair.

All around them, the sea had erupted into waves and sprays, the dragon rolling around, slapping up the water, feasting on the fish that jumped out at them, the rainbow riot continuing as the dragon feasted.