The air was thick and heavy all around, the shadows had dropped down from the thaumauergic crux hanging above.

And silence reigned.

There were people in the shadows, but you could only see them if they were right in front of you, otherwise there was only darkness.

In in your ears, there was only silence.

Ashley stood in the epicentre, her senses extending out through the shadow, extending at a thought, ghosting over all those she had enveloped in the cloud.

She existed in silence.

One person, among this crowd, was the one that she was after. One by one, she slid over the people in the crowd, searching for her, seeking her. Her end was drawing near.

But all she knows is silence.

There. In the darkness, there she stands, darting this way and that. But she can’t get out, this cloud is woven to tightly for her to do that. Silly little vampire. You only live in the shadows. Ashley was the shadows.

Ashley was the silence.

She descended upon her, and there was a short, sharp scream, that was swallowed up by the shadows as they choked her, covering her, consuming her. Until there was nothing left.

Silence rushed in, once again.