They watched as the chests were loaded onto the ship, two men to each chest, carrying the heavy load down into the hold of the ship.

“I don’t like this cap’n.”

Meg rolled her eyes. “Don’t like what?”

“Having those aboard the ship. Even if they are tucked away all snug like. I don’t like having bells on the ship. It’s bad luck.”

“So’s having a women aboard, but you’re fine with that one.” Meg grinned at him.

“You’re the cap’n, cap’n. And frankly, you’re no lady. No offence.”

“None taken. Look, they’re just bells. Magical bells, maybe, but we are not going to sink because of the bells. We might sink when the people who are after the bells come after us and try to take them back, but that’s not the bells doing that, is it?”

“Some say it would be. They wouldn’t be after us if we didn’t have them aboard.”

“True. But just think, a thousand Doubloons. Just keep repeating that number to yourself.”

“That’s not going to help if those people what after them there bells catch up to us.”

“If that happens, I think we can rain down a little misfortune on them. Seems a shame to keep of all this supposed bad luck to ourselves.” Meg walked off, to see that the chests were secured down in the hold.

The first mate tugged on each of his earrings and then muttered a prayer to the Lady of the Deeps. Hopefully the cap’n would be right. They had been at sea with a women for years now, and that hadn’t brought them misfortune. Well, not more than any other hard-ass cap’n he’d ever had.