Kali grinned, showing her canines as she looked over the two beings that had their backs turned to her. They were between her and what she wanted. Well, there were loads of others, but only those two were physically between her and the keystone. One angle. One demon.

“You’re insane! Don’t you even think about it, you’ll get yourself, and everyone around you killed!” Mai hissed at her.

“Why would I think about it?” She said, and then struck.

She went for the demon first, sinking her glowing hands into his back and draining out his energy. The first thing she took was his voice, and his throat shrunk as he tried to yell out a warning and couldn’t. That gave her the precious seconds she needed to slip his sword from his belt, dance around the turning angel, and slip the blade up under the armpit, right in between panels of armour, covering his mouth with her hand and draining his rapidly diminishing life force.

The rush of power was incredible, much better than human energy she could drain, the magic that flowed through demon veins, and the strength of the angels made her limbs tickle and her vision take on a purple hue as her eyes glowed.

No one was facing this way. Shame. That was about to change.

Kali scooped up a handful of blue blood that had leaked from the angel, and threw it at the group around the pedestal.  The currently proclaimed leader of the angels got struck on his cheek.

“What the?” He turned, in time to have Kali barrel into him, and get knocked to the floor.

Two more beings were on the floor before they could realise that Kali was draining them, and demon was slashed open from hip to shoulder, black blood spurting out. An angel thrust his blade at her. It melted on her nimbus as she twisted around him, and then with an almighty ripping sound, tore off his wing, scattering white feathers everywhere.

“Insane human!”Someone shrieked at her.

Kali grinned again, and then back-flipped, her black wings exploding out of her as she did so. Mid flip, she grabbed the keystone off of the pedestal, and then landed on the now empty plinth, and crouched down, her wings half raised.

“Insane? Yes. Human? Definitely not.”