Good news – We’ve successfully moved into our brand new shiny flat! And the previous tenant left a huge wardrobe that we inherit!

Bad news – The internet is not getting connected until Saturday (I am writing this from a work computer).

This isn’t going to change too much in terms of posting to this blog, but it does mean that in the evenings this weeks I am going to have to amuse myself without the aid of the internet. Hopefully there will be a lot of unpacking and organising to keep me going. This evenings chore is to put the bed frame together and arrange the bedroom furniture. And after we’ve done that I can move my clothes into the wardrobe. Hopefully that should take most of the evening. And then I can watch some DVDs. We do have the TV set up and plugged in.

Good thing – I now have my own study!

Bad thing – we decided it was the best place to put all the boxes as we moved, so it is full to the brim of stuff and is going to be the last room to get sorted out. So I’m going to be waiting a while to get my own shiny study space up and running. Also I have been trying to find a desk I like and it’s really hard to do on a budget it turns out.

But anyway. I’ll be posting up the next theme at some point today. In the meantime, enjoy these photo’s with Toothless as your tour guide through our lovely new house:

messbathroom kitchen living room  oven windowsstudy wardrobe