So, I was mucking around on the internet, as you do, looking at various writing opportunities that might be out there. And whilst I cam across several helpful things which I plan to check out in the near future, I came across one website which was asking for a writer’s CV.

writingAt first I had to stop and think about what it wanted from me, since it was instantly apparent that it wasn’t asking for my usual CV (which is geared towards science and computer things at the moment), I wondered what it meant by a writers CV. Well, most likely it wanted a CV, but where I talked about all of my writing accomplishments. But what does one put in that?

A quick google search later and I had a couple of example of writer’s CV. And looking through their outlines of what they included in there, I realised that if I was to write a Writer’s CV, it would be very bare.

They want things like writing competitions you have entered, prizes you have been awarded, memberships of various writing clubs and societies, education but only if it applies to writing, and if you’ve ever had any publications.

Well I’ve entered a few writing competitions, but it’s still less than ten and the one I have gotten the result for was ‘application unsuccessful’ so it’s not really the thing that you want to put on a CV. I’ve never had any prizes, apart from one or two on this blog, about the biggest claim I can make in that category is a three time winner of NaNoWriMo, which shows dedication and an ability to complete a target I guess, but it’s not very much by itself. I’m not actually a member of any formal writing group (Although I did check one out last night. Not bad, but there was a bit of an age gap.) but it is something I am now looking into. I want to go on a creative writing course or retreat, or take a class or something, but I have the limitation of money in that department, and the ones that I might be able to afford happen whilst I am at work, so that’s a no go. Why they think 4pm is a good time to start a class, I don’t know. And outside of this blog I have certainly never been published.

medium_5780578430So if I did create a Writer’s CV, it would be very bare, and not over a page I am sure.

So I want to put the question out there, to both experienced writer and not so experienced writers: Have you ever needed a writer’s CV? What do you have on yours? And how did you start to build it up?

I’m looking at entering more competitions (currently finalising a piece right now for one), and I might look at magazine and publications with open calls for submissions. The group is harder since the one in my area might not be a good fit for me (the age gap was really, really noticeable), but does membership in a online group count I wonder? And actually the biggest question for me is: Do I even need a Writer’s CV, or should I just do it my own way?