Lilliana looked over at him, and then sighed. “Fine. Next stop, heaven.”

Her feathery wings swept round her, then up, and on the downward slice the tips glowed, renting the space between worlds open and a jagged portal formed. An outward flick and her wings opened it up to a size that humanoids could pass through, and she let the council pass through before following herself.

The portal naturally closed behind her as she exited and stepped out onto the shining marble. She reached down and took her sunglasses off her belt and slid them onto her face. At least with the dark lenses Heaven became a bearable place to look around.

They had come out on the main balcony at the Senate, which overlooked the majority of the city. The white marble made up most of the building, inlaid with pure gold, shining in the bright light which had no source. It was disgustingly cliché. Then again, human did have to get their inspiration from somewhere, although Lilliana still had no idea where the notion of a heaven built on clouds had come from.

Some angels came out from the Senate house to meet the council. Mindful of her manners, she greeted them cordially enough, but as soon as she could, she took out her phone and text her friend, saying that she was going to be late. One of the angel’s looked down at the human device in her hand. She raised an eyebrow at him, and for a few moments they stared at one another, both silently judging. Then it passed, and the council was led to the interior of the building.

It was just as bright in here, and even more ornately decorated, with crystal furnishings set up to reflect the light in even more interesting way. It was disgustingly ostentatious. And they didn’t believe in soft furnishings, so they chairs they sat on were hard marble again.

It was hardly a wonder that her entire race was so hard all the time, if they live in a world of harsh light and even harsher architecture. And they thought that she was crazy for running away to earth. Heaven was supposed to be a paradise, and this was far from it in her opinion. Especially when Heaven including three hour meetings with the assembly. Her butt was asleep in thirty minutes.