Dante looked down at the human man as they were ushered into the house. He knew why they were here of course, but he really doubted that humans could really offer them anything other then a good meal.

“May I take your coats?” The human was already being perfectly sycophantic towards his father. Because that kind of behaviour was something that they had never seen before. No, wait, the other thing.

They were being lead down the corridor, although why they called it a corridor when it was so short was puzzling. Nothing like his castle back home. Why couldn’t they have had this meeting there? Where there was space and cooks to do the meals for them. It was entirely stupid to be here.

The door they were heading towards flew open, slamming into the wall, cracking the plaster, and an inky darkness rolled out of the room, filling every space, extinguishing all lights.

It was heavy, heavy against his skin, his eyes, his mouth. He stopped breathing and looked around, but even with his vampire eyes, he could distinguish nothing. This wasn’t a natural darkness, as if there had been any doubts in the first place.

Something stalked through. The darkness roiled, no. It wasn’t darkness, it was shadow. Thick black shadows. The shadows roiled, and curled around, and something stomped out of the dining room.

There were eyes, slit of white that shone with shadow. Shone with shadow? That made no sense, he shook his head and looked again. The eyes were smoky, certainly, and narrowed to slits that clearly indicated anything in the way was going to get murdered.

Dante felt his brother move next to him and the eyes snapped around. They stopped, looked at the two of them, and grew narrower. The shadows roiled around a central point, but there was no body to go with the eyes, and they left the pair of brothers and the shadow stomped off again, making it’s way up the stairs.

A door slammed from up there, and the shadows slid away, retreating up the stairs.

Another human emerged from the dining room, looking angry and frazzled. “I’m very sorry for my daughter, she’s being entirely impossible. We’ll get her back down here. Would you like a drink in the meantime?”

So that was Ashley. Well, maybe all human weren’t just for food then. Maybe the marriage his father proposed wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.