This post is continuing on from both my posts Motivation and Writing Competitions. Quick recap: Writing Competition was me talking about, surprise surprise, the writing competitions I’ve started entering. And motivation was about me and writing and how it’s a bit low at the moment.

Well, with the weekend that I just had, I’m surprised I even got the theme out today.

It started off on Friday. The first writing competition that I entered, the one on Ideas Tap from Writer’s Centre Norwich, where the prize was mentorship and writing programs? Yeah, I was unsuccessful. I didn’t even get a shot at the writing masterclass. And “Due to the volume of applications (over 270) we are unable to give personalised feedback”. I think that’s what stung the most, that I failed to get even a place on the masterclass, and I have no idea why. Like I don’t know if it was because of my story, my plot, my writing style, my characters, dialogue, or whether it was because it was they thought it was good enough that I would benefit from the writing class or mentorship. I just have no idea, it stings and I don’t even get a reason. Although all my friends and family say it’s because of the second reason. Surprising that.

So, as you can imagine, I was a little upset. Well, okay, I was very upset. I don’t handle disappoint well. Better than I did once upon a time, but stiil. I had a little sniffle. For a couple of hours. So any plans I had for the afternoon instantly went out of the window. It was a horrid afternoon.

And then I had to drive for three hours to go and visit my Nana for her birthday. It was alright, given that she was in a care home and not enjoying it. Alzheimer’s is the saddest for the people around the one effected, I learnt firsthand this weekend. And then three hours back.

10390350_10152162940120794_6019229500961277123_nSunday was pretty great though. We started off the day by going to a Tortoise Open Day held by the Tortoise club. I got to meet so many amazing tortoise and got some great info on keeping them, and got some cool tortoise related paraphernalia.

That really picked me up.

Look at how cute and tiny that tortoise is!

But yeah, I was rather depressed, and feeling really down about my writing over the weekend. Asking myself and second guessing and all of that stuff. I was really really upset at the loss of this one, because it wasn’t so much losing a competition as it was losing out on an opportunity to gain experience as a writer.

But in the grand scheme of things? It’s my first rejection. It hurts. My mother told me, well isn’t that what writer’s do? Perservere through rejection until they get what they want?

And you know what? Yes. Yes it is. I’m going to pick up that pen tomorrow. And I’m going to write again. And I’m going to enter competitions and write novels until I win something in a competition and get a novel published.