Knocking softly on the door, Adam received a low “Come in.” from inside the room.

Making as little noise as possible, he opened and closed the door, entering the room, a calm atmosphere prevailing.

The fair haired elven was sitting up in bed, holding a bundle in her arms, smiling down at it. The sun glinted of the chestnut haired human who stood up from where he had been perched on the edge of the bed and smiled up at the Adam as he padded over the thick carpet to the pair on the bed.

“I had heard, and now see, that congratulations are in order.”

Phillip smiled the proud smile that all new fathers seem to share. “Adam, I would like you to meet our daughter.”

Celestyn re-arranged the blankets and then carefully handed the baby up to Adam, who cradled it in the crook of his arm. She squirmed a little, finding a more comfortable spot in the new position, and then squeaked up at the new person, her tiny bright green eyes interested in him. At first her hair looked as dark as her fathers, but as he bounced her a little, the light caught the already thick locks and the true auburn colour glistened at him.

“May I introduce you to the heir of the Elven Throne, Willow.” Celestyn beamed as her daughter.

Adam tickled the baby’s chin and was set upon by the babe’s green-eyed gaze as they studied him, and then she gurgled contentedly, as is satisfied that he was okay to hold her.

“Welcome and hail, Willow.” Adam said gravely, but broke into a smile when the baby attempted to suck on his fingers as they danced in front of her face.