So, still ill. Or at least recovering after being ill. The flu really hit me hard and I can’t do much at the moment without instantly tiring myself out. Took a walk to the shops and that’s my exercise for the day.

On the plus side, this does mean that my activities are limited to low energy things, such as sitting at my computer and writing. Well okay, not writing. I should be, but I can’t summon the brain power needed to do writing and plot thinking. Being ill really really sucks.

What I have instead been doing is watching Dragons: Defenders of Berk. It’s the second series of the TV shows which tells the story of the young vikings on the island of Berk, picking up from just after where the movie finishes. After learning that the DVD isn’t going to come out in the UK until three days before the second movie, I decided I wasn’t going to wait that long and resorted to our long time friend the internet to help me out.

I’m going to try not to spoil anything just in case anyone else wants to watch the series but hasn’t yet, but I do want to talk about the dragons.

I love the dragon in this continuity. The books as well, but in the shows they are very well developed. They have classes of dragons: Boulder, Stoker, Strike, Fear, Tidal, Sharp, Tracker and Mystery. Dragons  fit into these categories based on how they look, what they eat, attacks and other characteristics.

The dragons that are featured in the series all the time are: Deadly Nadder (Astrid), Hideous Zippleback (Ruffnut & Tuffnut), Monstrous Nightmare (Snotlout), Gronkle (Fishlegs), and of course the Night Fury (Hiccup). All of them have their own personalities, and are well matched with thier human trainers. I do love how individualistic all of the dragons are from each other. Every species feels different and unique and have their own quirks which you discover throughout the episodes that they appear in. Changewings are some favourites of mine, since they are chamleons and cause so much trouble. They also have these cool little fronds and acid breath. Terrible Terror are also fun because they are they are tiny and terrible and cause so much mischief. They also come in useful on occasion and a variety of colours.

My favourite dragon is the night fury. Not just because it’s the mascot dragon (dragon of the lead character, lead dragon and all that) but because it is well propotioned in body, looks comfortable to ride, has four legs and two wings (my preffered body type), intelligent, friendly, black and most important, has an awesome breath weapon.

Also it’s called the Night Fury. It is such an awesome name. And this is awesome as well. I am saving up for one.

That is all I have to say. And if you have not seen How to Train Your Dragon, then I recommend it. And if you live in America then I am jealous of you, because we in the UK have wait until July 4th for Hot to Train Your Dragon 2.