After looking over my bookcase for something to post about today – because I am still ill and need something simple to post about before my brain melts – I found that I’ve posted all the major books about dragons that I own (Yes, I could do one on Harry Potter, but those dragons are very much J.K.’s dragons) but it did lead me onto the book ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.

Now, the only dragon in the book is the inked one on the girl, but it did lead me onto a topic – tattoo’s.

Having a look at statistics suggests that in the UK around 25% of adults have one or more tattoo’s and in the US this rises to about 38%. And whilst I can’t get statistics for it, dragon tattoo’s are a fairly popular choice for a tattoo.

But why? It’s because of what they represent. Dragon’s have always represented power as a fiercesome beast that was considered to be the ultimate kill that a warrior could make. In more modern times, this also represents the protector, someone who will defend what is theirs until the end. They are also famous hoarders, which indicates wealth to some people.

Dragons are conveyed as masters of wisdom, lovers of riddles or puzzles, and creatures of longevity, which are others aspects that people want to invoke in their lives. They are also filled with elemental magic and the fundamental energies of the universe, even spanning back to the beginning primodial chaos that life itself formed from.

Of course ther are other merits as well. Artisically the concept of a dragon is a fairly universal one, so everyone will know what it is when they look at it, but the details can be so individualised that you can make a perfectly unique piece of art for yourself. Tiny, small, big, whole body, chinese, eastern, colour, tribal, if you can think of it, you can turn it into a tattoo for yourself. This does apply to any art of dragons, but rarely do you find a more individualistic piece of work than a tattoo.

I do admit, if I ever get over my fear of needles enough to get a tattoo (unlikely) I will get a dragon. On my shoulder. Don’t know exactly of what, but here’s some I personally like: