We’re back round to Thursday again, and that means more dragons! On Tuesday I popped by the book store to pick up some new reads, one of which was Seraphina, which has been recommended to me more times that I care to (or can) remember. So I made sure to go and find it and bought it, and got around to reading it yesterday.

seraphinaI can definitely see why people have been recommending it, it was a fantastic read.

I loved the setting of the world, and the author clearly put a lot of thought into everything in that world, but you never hear about it, you only get to know about the bits that are relevant to the story, but I can just hear this little voice at the back trying to talk about the fantastic world.

It does jump right in with all of the terminology, and it took me a while to work out what meant what, but it did give me an immediate sense of immersion in the book, which I applaud the author for achieving apparently so effortlessly.

The two main character of the book were great, and the dragons really felt very different from the human in the book. A couple of the side character felt a little one dimensional to me, but there’s only so much you can do with side character, and the main characters and secondary cast more than make up for it.

The plot, looking back at it, was particularly good. At the time of reading it didn’t feel overly political, but now that I’ve read the whole thing, I can look back and see how intricate the politics of the situation in the book are, and it’s rather amazing that it felt so natural to read. And the backdrop the politics are set against tie back into all of that setting that I am sure the author thought about but didn’t get a chance to mention.

The pacing of the book is extremely good, and the rate at which things are revealed felt darn near perfect as I wasn’t left straining for too long between each piece of information, but I was asking questions at the book, trying to guess what the end results would be.

All in all, it was a very good read, and I am sure that I will pick it up again in a month or so for a second read-through. I did also look up, using the power of the internet, and it is going to get a sequel, but the sequel isn’t scheduled until March 2015, so there’s a little while to go yet.

I can see why my friend, my blogging companions, and even the lady who sold me the book, recommended it. And I in turn, now recommend it to you.