I had something else dragon related that I was going to post, but I’m going to put that to one side today (don’t worry, I will post it later, maybe next week) because I cam across something else that I wanted to share instead.

As you all know, I like dragons. So often when on various websites I will do searches for dragon related things. One website I’m sure most of you will have at least heard of if not visited yourself is kickstarter.

So I typed in dragons into kickstarter and went browsing through the projects and I came across one.

I want to share with you the video that was on this project I found. Not because I’m trying to get you to back it, but because when I watched the video and heard the lady talking about her artwork, I though “Here is someone who is just as passionate about dragon as I am. This is amazing.”

So I want to share this video with you, because if you’re coming to my blog, chances are you like dragons at least a little bit, and the way she talks about dragons in the first half is beautiful.


<<Okay, so trying to embed the video isn’t working, probably because I haven’t paid to have videos that aren’t from youtube on this blog. So if you fancy watching the video, follow the link to the kickstarter page and watch the video on there. For now, have a sample picture of some of her work.>>


P.S. If you do want to back the project for an amazing dragon calendar, the kickstart is here: Dragons of the Earth, Sea, Sky and Stars – A Calendar. It’s already backed, so it’s into strech goals, and personally I think her artwork is AMAZING.