I kind of like that today’s exercise is something that I would never have thought to do by myself. Today we got told to look at newspapers.

Day 2 Exercise – Newspaper Stories

Part 1: Collect a story and talk about the characters

Collect a newspaper article where you want to know more about the characters:


The wildlife conservationist is interesting, I would like to know how he gets or makes the bird boxes, also what led him down this path – is it something that he’s done since he was a little boy? Or is it a passion that he picked up later in life? Does he do it because he feels for the birds? Or is it a greater sense of environmental justice? And the birds themselves must have interesting stories, but maybe I read too much Redwall. But there are questions such as what is causing their decline? Are they now here to stay or will they move on? And the bird boxes having an effect on the bird population? (This last one looks like a yes, but it would be interesting to see it from a bird’s point of view.)

Part 2: Re-write a newspaper story from a foreign country for your home town

Well I can’t read another language, so let’s pick…Australia


CHILDREN may have their pre-school hours chopped by a third as kindergartens look likely to fall victim to Tony Abbott’s Budget axe.

Preschoolers may only receive 10 hours of education per week from next year, and parents fear they may also be lumped with a fee hike to cover Budget cuts.

The State Government has announced a $9.4 million cut to early childhood education, which according to Budget documents is due to Commonwealth cash “not having been committed at the time of publication”.

The State Government currently funds 10 hours of preschool with the Federal Government chipping in for a further five hours to help more four-year-olds gain access to education.

But without ongoing federal funding — $158 million over 18 months — preschool hours look set to fall.

Nearly 1600 mums and dads nationwide have signed a petition, run by advocacy group The Parenthood, to urge the Prime Minister to guarantee the Universal Access to Early Childhood Education program will be funded again next year.

Early Childhood Australia’s chief Samantha Page has previously said that if further funding was not provided by all levels of government, preschool and kinder hours would be reduced, fees would rise and some children could miss out on early learning altogether.


Well the PM would change from Tony Abbott (Prime Minister of Australia) to David Cameron (Prime Minister for Great Britain)

Cash numbers would be converted from australian dollars to english pounds ($1 = £0.55)

I believe we have a different structure of government, so instead of state and federal government we have parliament and then local councils (but I’m not that well versed in politics).

I can imagine that parents would still be upset about this, and that there would be a petition being signed. Given the internet these days, it probably is on there so parents all over the British isles would be able to sign.

Overall, it doesn’t change much, since most governments in the worlds are cutting budgets for various things, and education is unfortunately one of the areas being hit (I managed to avoid the increased university fees in England, and I cannot tell you how glad I am for that. They tripled without government aid).


And that’s the writing challenge for today. Since it’s Thursday, I am going to do a post about dragons today, but it might come a little later, so check back here for more about dragons 🙂