Well, as it was my first time on A to Z, I have to say that I found the challenge great.

First off, there has never been as much traffic on my blog as there was this month, and my followers have grown from somewhere in the 20’s to 76, which is completely amazing to me, considering that this is a personal blog where I simply talk about all the thing that I like.

It’s been a fantastic event for meeting other people, and I have found some blogs which I completely love, and I feel that I made a real connection with at least one other bloggers out there. The experience of meeting and sharing with other bloggers has been great. And I will certainly try to keep up with a lot of the blogs that I found this month.

I think that’s what I found hardest – visiting five new sites a day (I will admit, there were some days where I didn’t accomplish this) whilst still keeping up with the amazing sites that I had already found. And Although following wordpress sites was easy due to this website being on wordpress, when I found blogs I liked on other sites, or their own sites, it was less easy to follow since I didn’t want tons of emails cluttering up my already overflowing inbox. Rather than following blog I ended up making a folder in my bookmarks tabs with them in. So I still visit them regularly, but I am not an official follower which feels like cheating them a little.

But overall I have really enjoyed undertaking this challenge, and I have definitely feel like I have accomplished something, and made lots of new friends whilst doing so. I hope that everyone who read my blog enjoyed their visit 🙂 I shall continue to visit others!

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]