As I am sure many of you have also found, this was my hardest letter to come up with something for, and I have had to fall on my backup plan.

I trawled through dictionary websites to try and find a word beginning with X that I could use for a post, but nothing I found could make a full post topic. The closest that I found was Xerarch, which means ‘To originate in a dry habitat’. Not much you can add to that apart from: Yes, desert dragons do come from a dry habitat. It is a desert after all.

pokemon-tcg-dragon-type-symbolSo I’m falling back to Pokemon X, one of the two latest Pokemon games to have come out, and handily one of the types of Pokemon is the dragon type.

We’re currently on generation 6 of Pokemon (so generation 1 had the original 151, and every generation since then adds about another hundred, bringing us up to 719 in total now).

New dragon pokemon that were added in this generation are:

  • #691 – Dragagle
  • #696 – Tyrunt
  • #697 – Tyrantrum
  • #704 – Goomy
  • #705 – Sliggoo
  • #706 – Goodra
  • #714 – Noibat
  • #715 – Noivern
  • #718 – Zygarde

Of course, these are the most recent pokemon, so if you haven’t played Pokemon in ages, or aren’t caught up, then you won’t be familiar with these guys, you’ll probably know ones such as Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite, Kingdra, or some of the legendaries Latios and Latias. Although confusingly, some pokemon that look like dragons (Charizard for instance) are not dragon type, but can breed with dragons.

Dragons type is special in the manner that dragons are special, they have claws and breath attacks. Dragon attacks tend to be special attack rather than physical attacks in battle and dragon type is one of the two types (the other being ghost) which is super effective against it’s own type. Its resistant to quite a few other types (electric, fire, water and grass) but has gained some weaknesses to ice and fairy types (fairy being a new type for generation 6).

I quite like dragons, but I tend to not go for a whole dragon team when playing. Or at least, I don’t outside of themed competitions. When the theme is pick and type and battle it, I do tend to go for dragons. I’m not very hard to predict sometimes.


And that is X done with! Sorry it was rather tangential, but I am sure you understand the perils of the letter X as well, especially if you’re visiting from a to z yourself. Only two more to go! I’m so excited!