A rather simple one today. There is a book series called The Dragon Quartet by Marjorie Kellogg. But I haven’t read it, so I don’t want to do a post about it.

Instead, I have this lovely dragon elemental quartet for you:

Quartet - Air

Quartet - Earth Quartet - Fire Quartet - Water

Chainmal Dragons!!!!! Elemental chainmail dragons!!! Aren’t they so pretty! (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, in case you hadn’t guessed)

All by the amazing maker Seren Fey, find her deviant art here: Seren Fey and her Etsy shop here: Etsy

If I could get one of these, I totally would. But she lives in Canada, and the shipping costs would kill me. The dragons themselves are totally reasonable prices, but shipping to the UK from across the pond practically triples the price.

But they are so pretty, and I do so want one! Or more than one! A quarter of dragon would be lovely!