Without a doubt, this series of books is my perfect series. It has dragons, polar bears, climate change, writing, magic, and just everything that I want in a book. Oh, and a magical library at one point. And physics. And red haired – green eyed heroines. Just perfect for me. This is course my opinion, and other people may not find them so perfect, but it just contains so many themes that are dear to me.

This is the Last Dragon Chronicles, by Chris D’Lacey. It’s starts off with The Fire Within, and the main character is one college student, David Rain, and we join him in his journey into the mystical and mysterious world of his landlady and her daughter with their dragons. There are seven books in total in the series, plus a companion guides, and they take pride of place on my shelf.

It starts off in the house, with a slow introduction to the world of dragons and grows from there, expanding into more and more places as the books go on, and facts get revealed slowly throughout the books, and there is really strong continuity from one to the other.

The character are wonderful, bth human and non-human, and the non-human character are almost as numerous as the human ones. There’s soemthing special about a book that can have so much going on, yet still feel coherent when you read it.

Technically, these are a children’s book, but that’s never stopped me.

In the interest of not spoiling anything, I shall stop rambling here, but if you like dragons, then put the first book on your reading list. For now I’ll just say Hrrrrr.