Turns out April is going to be  busy month for me!

I’m busy gearing up for two challenges – Camp NaNoWriMo, my writing challenge, and A to Z, a blogging challenge. See the badges on the right for more info (they link to the relevant websites).

Camp NaNo: I’m deciding to do another book, because that’s what comes easiest to me. I could do some flash fiction, but I want to get back into the swing of writing since I am trying to edit another novel currently, but seem to have hit a bit of a stalling point, so I’m going to use this month of April to start a new novel. Strangely enough, the advice I’ve been given is when you hit a block with one novel, take a break and start another one, and then you’ll get the creativity flowing again which will help you and make you want to go back to your unfinished novel. We’ll see how that goes. But yes, I’ve decided to write the book which I’m calling Eidetic, which is about a poor commoner girl who’s only talent is perfect memory. Her mother dies, and her father and brothers are off fighting in a rebellion so she has to deal with being all on her own in a society where women are second class citizens, and with her own feelings of abandonment set in a world where people struggle to control magical items retrieved from labyrinths (or mazes technically, labyrinths just sound cooler). So I’m writing up some short notes on that, about characters, setting and basic plot point before I start tomorrow. I don’t like planning too much, but it helps to have consistent names for lots of characters.

A to Z: I’ve got my ideas together so at least I will have something for each day to do with the appropriate letter. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, but some letters are just awkward (I’m looking at you here, X). I have also worked out how to set up posts to post at a specific time rather than immediately, which will be handy when I go away to Empire halfway through the month.

April is going to be very awesome for other reasons as well, not in the least because it’s going to be the Easter holiday’s, and I only work term time so I get a nice two weeks off. This means daily lie ins, and lots of time to work on projects, such as the ones above, but also sewing projects, some creative projects I’ve got planned. Just time to do the things which I can’t when I’m working.

And then Easter weekend is the first Empire of the year and I am so looking forward to that, it is going to be freaking epic. I’ve repaired some bits of my kit, the new tent has arrived, and now that  the trip to Manchester/Spring National has happened, I can actually pour effort into finding all of my kit and making sure that it’s in tip top condition. Or rather, in character appropriate condition. Mud is the best for Navaar.

In short, I am rather looking forward to April – can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive (the anticipation is sweet, but starting even sweeter)