it’s the third and final day of the spring national and i’m not in the last game (it’s requiem, I don’t have a character) but I am sitting here having a nice time relaxing before the long journey home, which is fine.

Mage this morning was epic. the mysterium got to go on a linear to take back control of a thing that was the host’s but then the host got killed so whilst other people went and found his murderer the mysterium (turns out there are a lot of us) went and did some totally epic challenges to reclaim and take possession back of the tower.

Never mind that it was written for four mages, it was awesome and I had great fun and I got to do one of the challenges.

I feel like such a good mysterium right now. And I’ve also networkd with other Mysterium and have plans to become better in the near future 🙂

Have a lot of fun at thie national. Wish that it wasn’t monday tomorrow so I could not feel tired all week, but I think that was probably going to happen anyway.

At least the norwih games are happening next weekend, so I do not have to wait long for my next fix of roleplaying.