In Manchester currently, having some fun at the Spring National, where there is lots of gaming, and talking about gaming, and socializing going on. It’s fab.

Saturday evening and we had Lost last night, which was very fun for me and I ran around completely ignoring the plot in the way which Zephyr does best, but had a whale of a time with all the activities.

This morning was Mage, and I got more involved in the plot, but didn’t go on any of the linear’s because I am not a combat character and screw going on a linear to kill a Stormling (read: murder chickens which feed off magical energy given off by mages, savage abyssal creatures that they are). And then I made some more connections, introduced myself to some people, and got involved in some national Mastigos plot that is going to happen in the future, going to be so good!

Requiem has just timed in, but I’m sitting on my arse writing this because they didn’t need any more NPC’s and I kind of want to nap in a second so I can do the soft roleplay for mage later. Soft roleplay means no card draws will happen, so it’s a more relaxed atmosphere.

I also largely helped/kept company the person who died during mage while werewolf was running, so I also got to indulge my statting problem, i mean hobby. Yes. Hobby.