I know I only have two more days to go on the challenge (Yes I suck at timekeeping on these things, but at least I finish them. Eventually.) but this post is a little time sensitive, so I’m going to do this now instead of later.

Camp NaNo is upon us! Like November National Novel Writing Month this is a month for writers, but unlike November, this isn’t a hard and fast write 50,000 words for a novel, it’s a camp where you get to set your own goals and choose your own project, from novels to poetry, fiction to non-fiction, story to textbook, write whatever you want to write this month.

Of course I am still writing a novel, but that’s what I’m choosing to do, and I am giving myself an easier word count in the hopes that as well as writing a new novel for this month, I can also do a bit of editing on the novel I completed in November.

I’m also going to insert a shameless plug here. The company that runs these things (also called National novel Writing Month) are a non-profit organization, which means that they rely on donations to continue doing the work they do encouraging people to get stories out of their heads and into the light of the wide world. So if you’re a writer, or think that writing is a worthy topic (which considering your reading my blog which contains a fair chunk about writing, you hopefully do) check out the donation page that I have set up to help them raise money. All the money go to them and they then help writers everywhere with their programs and events.


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